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Julia Berchtold, MSW, LCSW


Julia Berchtold, MSW, LCSW is part of the first class of fellows in the Strong Roots Counseling Perinatal Fellowship program. Julia obtained her Masters of Social Work degree from Boston University. Julia has had a passion and commitment to the perinatal population throughout her graduate work, centering her course work and practicum on the development of parents and families. She also has worked with adults living with anxiety, depression, and those navigating life transitions and the related complications that arise within interpersonal relationships during these time periods.


Julia has experience with in-home therapy as well as outpatient therapy both in a larger agency setting and private practice. She brings her clinical knowledge and compassion to help meet every client where they are in their process of healing. Julia uses an eclectic approach of clinical interventions including, but not limited to: CBT, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and solutions focused therapy. Julia has completed the PSI components of care training and plans to continue on with the advanced training in the treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and has also completed a certificate in the use of CBT for the treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. During Julia's training she is supervised by veteran provider Denise DuChainey


To schedule an intake to see if Julia is a right fit for you, please call 857-304-4025 x103 or email.

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