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Here's what people say about care at Strong Roots Counseling:


"My clinician is wonderful. I really appreciate her knowledge, expertise, and sense of humor. She checks in regularly with me about my progress and goals. Also, I have never had a clinician ask me for feedback on how they are working with me. So refreshing!"  (Adult)


"Our clinician sees my daughter. She has been very successful in building a rapport with her. She is able to read her responses, and adjust work at her pace. So glad we found you." (Teen parent)


"My clinician is a great listener and very supportive. She gives great, concrete advice on how to handle issues that arise." (Adult)


"My therapist is down to earth, super smart, thoughtful and caring, I recommend Strong Roots to everyone." (Adult)


"My clinician is my champion. She has helped me deal with significant loss, traumatic events, life changes, and has been consistent and constant, like a lighthouse a sailor needs to reset his course and move forward." (Adult)


"My clinician is very skilled at pacing our work- knowing when to go deeper and when it's better to back off the hardest things and work at the edges for a while. She not only keeps in mind making progress, but my comfort while we do so." (Adult)


"One of my favorite things about Strong Roots Counseling is the supportive counselors- especially in this tough postpartum period. Clinicians are down to earth, seem very experienced and always get to the root of what I am feeling. The space is comfortable. Doesn’t feel like therapy, feels like sitting on a friend’s couch." (Adult)


"I first heard about Strong Roots as a place for women, especially around pregnancy, so I have been pleasantly surprised at your work with adolescents as well. Our clinician is warm and welcoming, while being astute clinically. She has done a great job engaging our challenging teen." (Teen parent)


"Relaxed atmosphere with therapists that talk to you like you’re a person and not a patient. My therapist is structured, but individually driven. You make the decisions, she just helps you get there." (Adult)


"My clinician keeps the conversation on track. She asks thought provoking questions. She recommends outside of office reading, makes me feel good about myself, and puts things in perspective." (Adult)


"The flexibility of appointments, the relatability and connection I have with my counselor. The offices are comfortable." (Teen)


"My clinician is great to talk with. It is evident that she is so experienced and knowledgeable in her field. Through her examples, I am comforted in knowing it’s not just me and it’s even normal to go through my experiences. I also appreciate the mid-session check-ins to make sure we stay on track with what is important to me." (Adult)


*All these quotations were made available with client permission and were completed on a confidential survey.

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