Strong Roots Counseling offers unique, best practice group therapy. Group therapy is a wonderful way to meet and talk to other people exploring similar issues. Please check out our current group offerings and let us know if there is a group you are interested in our offering in the future.

Polyamory Process Group

Polyamory Process Group


The polyamory process group is a short-term, four-week therapist facilitated process group for individuals who identify as polyamorous, in an open relationship, or as ethically non-monogamous. Individuals, couples, and relationship constellations/polycules age 18+ welcomed.


The intention of this group is to allow participants to:

●      discuss thoughts and concerns about non-traditional relationships in a safe space

●      build self-awareness around your own relationship needs and desires

●      explore group and family dynamics when having multiple relationships

●      improve communication skills

●      expand peer support


Possible topics include: metamours - our partners’ other partners, parenting, hierarchical vs nonhierarchical relationship structures, communication styles, coming “out” as poly/ethically non-monogamous….and more!


The Polyamory Process Group is a small closed group. It will run weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-8:45pm. The first session will begin on Tuesday, May 14, with the last session occurring on Tuesday, June 4. The fee for the group series is $160 per person. (Please see our group contract and cancellation guidelines.) The group will be facilitated by Jennifer Schneider, LICSW.

To register, please complete the information to the right and send a check. For questions, feel free to call our office at 857-304-0425 x103 or email us are

* All of our groups are private pay and we will provide receipts for you. Registration is available on a first come, first served basis. If you need to cancel, all payments will be returned one week prior to the groups start, less a $50 processing fee. 

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