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Pregnancy & Postpartum

Pregnancy and the postpartum period bring unique challenges and often great gifts into the life of a family. It is important that both women and men have the support they need to be successful. It is important to note that an emotional complication is the most common complication of pregnancy and postpartum (perinatal) and our staff has specialty training to support individuals and couples with perinatal issues, as well as pregnancy loss and infertility. We periodically offer a unique group treatment model for pregnancy and postpartum, please contact us to see if these groups are running. Contact us to learn more about these treatment options.


Below is a sample list of what brings people into therapy at Strong Roots Counseling:


  • Pregnancy and postpartum mood, anxiety, or adjustment issues

  • Grief & loss

  • Relationship changes

  • Parenting

  • Physical changes

  • Eating issues

  • Parenting without a model


Great Strong Roots Counseling Resources:

Positive Postpartum Plan

Local perinatal resources

Black Birthing Person Birth Justice Bill of Rights

Anxiety and Depression Described by Postpartum Progress

It's More Than Postpartum Depression

Raising Health Families is a Community Responsibility

Dads Get PMADs Too



**While some women can be seen for office visits in the immediate postpartum, many women are unable to access treatment while on bedrest or when they are immediately postpartum and these can be times of particular need for assessment and treatment. As a result, we have created a unique practice service of video or phone therapy for ongoing clients on bedrest or postpartum. These visits are intended to be for a short window of time to support women until they can come to the office.

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